The Owners

The Nels

Elmarie and Manie Nel, owners of the Clarion Locker, have come a long way to share their amazing meat products with people. After moving to the United States from South Africa and owning a locker in Ventura, Iowa, they were interested in expanding. When the opportunity for them to re-open the locker in Clarion arose, they did not pass it up.

Since 2009, their main goal at Clarion Locker has been to stick to their family values and work directly with producers in order to optimize the outcome of meat processing. They also have coolers and freezers full of items that customers can purchase!

From brats and burgers for the grill to stockings steaks for your freezer to tasty sticks to grab on the go, the Clarion Locker has tons of meat products ready to buy right now. Over the years, they have won several awards at the Iowa Meat Processors Association’s Convention and Trade Show for their in-house handmade products featuring original recipes.

Located conveniently on Main Street in Clarion, the Clarion Locker is an easy spot to load up on meat if you’re camping at the lake, visiting Clarion for the day, or just passing through. The Nels look forward to seeing you and feeding you!

Clarion Locker's


Clarion Locker Participates in H.U.S.H.

Help Us Stop Hunger

Deer Hunter…

The DNR needs your help to reduce the deer population. Many Iowans need your extra venison and the Food Bank of Iowa will ensure it gets to them. Buy an additional doe license and donate your deer to H.U.S.H. Donate any legally taken deer of any sex from any season.

Official Butcher

State Inspected

We are a state-inspected facility and offer official/inspected butchers. We are HACCP certified and work close with our inspectors. This gives you the option of re-selling your product to the public (eg. Farmer’s markets, restaurants, etc.) You have to make sure you schedule and ask for official slaughter. We sell many of our products to restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores in Iowa.